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I’ve brought most of my blogs together under one umbrella. I’d love for you to visit me at my new site. I look forward to seeing you there.


I’ve Moved…my blog

Thanks for stopping by.

I invite you to join me at my new blog http://stephseclecticinterests.wordpress.com

I created Steph Nickel’s Eclectic Interests as a home for most of my blogging. Check out Welcome Baby…and any of the others that catch your interest.

You are also invited to http://casualtheology.wordpress.com (Who is God and who are we according to the Scriptures?) and Monday Motivation at http://www.christianeditingservices.com (tips and prompts for writers and those who want to be).

Hope to see you there soon…and often.


One World Birth Comes to North America

Here is a special invitation from Toni Harman of www.oneworldbirth.net

Plus, check out the site for an abundance of information from some of the world’s leading experts on the subject of pregnancy and childbirth.


As we’re travelling around Canada and the US there are going to be a number of special screenings of the DOULA! film combined with exclusive One World Birth footage. We’ll be there as the guests of our wonderful and generous hosts and will take part in a Q&A after the screenings. So if you’re in the area please do come along as we’d love to meet you in person!
Dates and Venues:
Sat Nov 12th 18:30-21:30
Orangeville, Ontario
Westside Secondary School Theatre
300 Adler Street
(Tickets: $15 on the door)
Tues Nov 15th 19:00
Rockaway, New Jersey
AMC Rockaway Movie Theater
(Tickets $3 in advance RSVP to lisa@hackettstownmidwives.com)
Wed Nov 16th (Evening)
Richmond, Virginia
Location to be confirmed
For more info please contact: tolabor@gmail.com
Sat Nov 26th  19:00
Orlando, Florida
Sullivan Ranch Clubhouse
Sullivan Ranch Boulevard
Mount Dora, FL 32757
(Donations on the door)

Positions for Labouring

While it may be tempting to crawl into bed when in labour, there are many reasons this is not the best option. I’ve mentioned many of these positions and activities for labouring before, but it’s good to be reminded.


Climbing stairs

Slow dancing

Sitting on a birth ball (aka exercise ball) with a wide stance

Sitting on the toilet

Resting on hands and knees with your knees apart

Kneeling with head resting on the floor, bottom in the air, and knees apart

Kneeling while draped over a birth ball

Leaning forward against something or someone for support, while kneeling or sitting

Standing lunge with one foot on the floor and the other raised (on a chair, for example)

Kneeling lunge with one knee on the floor or bed and the opposite foot flat on the same surface

Sitting in a bath or shower

These are just of few of the suggestions of how Mom can progress through her labour. Frequently changing positions usually keeps things progressing well. Remaining in one position too long can compound an existing problem or slow things down.

There are many factors that influence what will work best for Mom and Baby. These are simply a few suggestions I’ve come across and/or seen implemented. It is important that Mom does her research and consults with her midwife or doctor.

All the best!




60 Second Experts

Once again, I’d like to invite you to visit www.oneworldbirth.net

Specifically, I ‘d like to direct you to the clips known as 60 Sec Experts. Three doulas answer a wide variety of questions. Eventually, there will be 100 clips posted. At this point, the following topics are covered:

Why Should You Wait for the Cord to Stop Pulsating?

How Can I Bring on Labour?

How to Find a Doula

What is Show?

What Happens with an Epidural?

How Painful is Childbirth?

Natural Pain Relief During Birth

I’m Terrified of Birth; What Can I Do?

How to Relax During Birth

What if I Pee or Poo Myself During Birth?

What’s the Best Place to Give Birth? Home or Hospital?

Is a Doula a Midwife?

What’s the Difference Between Braxton Hicks and Contractions?

Is it Better to Tear or Be Cut?

Will My Vagina be the Same Size after Birth?

There is a lot of wonderful information on this site. I recommend bookmarking it and visiting often.

To Baby with Love 2

Thank you so much to Heather Joyes for this beautiful letter to an unborn baby. (If you haven’t read the blog entry I posted earlier today, I invite you to do so after reading the letter below.)

To Baby…

May you receive the nourishment you need in your mother’s womb.

Grow strong and gain strength so you will be physically fit to enter this world.

I pray you will receive the love and care from others that will enable you to thrive.

May you have a mind for your Maker and learn to turn to Him in all circumstance of life.

There will be times of great joy as well as tribulation, but stay close to Him.

Life is a gift.

May you pass on the love you receive.

We look forward to your arrival.

With Love…

To Baby with Love

I was responsible to plan the exercise for my writers group this month. I created prompts inspired by the things I blog about.

One of the ladies chose, “Write a letter to an unborn baby.” Although, at first, she was reluctant to do so, the resulting letter was beautiful. I asked her to email it to me so I could post it here. Hopefully, she’ll be able to do so tomorrow.

Until then, why don’t you do the same?

Writing a letter to your unborn baby will help you bond. There’s lots of talk these days about the importance of pre-birth bonding.

The baby becomes more real to you if you write him or her a letter.

You can list your hopes and dreams, assure the wee one of your love, and/or express your concerns about what kind of a mom/dad/brother/sister/aunt/uncle…you’ll be. (Letter writing isn’t restricted to just the expectant mom.)

It doesn’t have to be a traditional letter. It can be a poem or a song. How about creating a one-of-a-kind picture book? Even if you can’t draw, go for it. It’s likely it will be a cherished treasure for years to come.

If you love to take pictures, create a special album – with or without words.

Love scrapbooking? Well, in that case, you’ve probably already begun to get a book together, but if not, make today the day.

The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear them. And you just might inspire someone who doesn’t consider him-/herself particularly creative.